Discover more moments when you and your horse work seamlessly together.

Deepen Your Seat Manage Your Energy Communicate Clearly

12 Step-by-Step Exercises
Help You Develop Feel, Communication, and Connection
with Your Horse - for a Lifetime

"I thought my horse was insensitive - a “tough nut.”  Not true!!
I’ve been practicing your Well-Connected exercises, with a particular focus on controlling my body parts at a walk, trot, and lope. He is very responsive and reacts with little effort on my part.  What a revelation!!  I feel as if we are on the path to a new and better relationship, and much-improved performance."  
~ PW

If you're like most riders, you want to deepen your seat - feel softly anchored in the saddle - be calm and quiet within - and communicate accurately with your seat, legs, and hands.

You want to have a sense of ease and focus within... be skilled in the most core fundamentals of horsemanship... and feel the magic of connection with your horse.

 And you'd like to have a way to practice those core skills at home... in easy-to-understand and do routines.


What if the next time you ride, because of newly discovered skills and exercises (for both you and your horse), you could walk into the arena or go down the trail... grounded... attentive... and engaged?


And what if you knew those
exercises were things only you can do
with your horse?

Sequence of Skill & Behavior Development

"I think the sequence is so great. My horse is so much more relaxed. I can see how she is really trying to listen to me, and it is a new stretch for me to do most of my guidance from my seat and legs and breathing. Thanks for teaching me such simple but profound lessons! "~DeAnna

  Discover 12 powerful exercises that simultaneously develop balance, rhythm, and communication with a horse.

Exercise #1: GET GROUNDED

It’s so easy to get going too fast on the inside... in a flash.

When you practice the Get Grounded exercise, you become mindful, calm, and engaged about your horse and what you intend to do.

That internal state of being grounded is what allows your true potential as a rider to shine through.


3 Exercises to Develop an Anchored Connection to Your Center of Balance,
to Your Horse's Center of Balance and to the Motion of Gaits.

Module 1, Exercise 2: BEGIN MINDFULLY

Begin Mindfully includes four routines. They are designed for before you mount up, after you get on, (including your seat position, body alignment, getting loose in your limbs), and for focusing... plus a routine for your initial walk to begin your warm-up.

Module 1, Exercise 3: FEEL THE MOVES

Feel the Moves includes a routine for feeling the motion of individual gaits through your seat and a practice for understanding how increased speed and distance impact all you do.

Module 1, Exercise 4: DECOMPRESS

Decompress includes a routine for when you pause and/or stop your horse to help you get grounded again. This is a routine that can transform your riding... and there’s one for you... and one for your horse.


"I rode my downward transitions by only taking a deep breath. It was AMAZING.
He absolutely nailed the transitions and I never touched the reins. Because I didn’t interfere with his face he kept his forward momentum into the trot and everything looked so much smoother. So...Barb was spot on. Her breathing and energy (bring your energy up and bring your energy down) exercises really do make a difference."

4 Exercises to Create and Experience Rhythm and Speed Modulation with Your Horse

Module 2, Exercise 5: FLOW ENERGY

This exercise includes a routine for moving energy up and down at all gaits using your eyes, breath, and seat. You’ll move smoothly from one segment to another. You’ll be making waves.

Module 2, Exercise 6: CHUNK IT

This exercise helps you expand the concept of making waves to modulate your horse’s speeds smoothly. Now you’re not only feeling the rhythm of the gaits, but you also know you and your horse have a variety of ‘gears’ for your gaits, and your horse understands when you ask for them.

Module 2, Exercise 7: SLOW SEAT

This exercise is all about helping you navigate transitions. Transitions are best made with a feeling of being slow on the inside, using your eyes, breath, and your seat methodically as you approach the transition.

Module 2, Exercise 8: EASY STOP

This exercise helps you get comfortable and skilled with the rhythm and the sequence of using your breath and your seat to stop... without using your hands. It combines everything we’ve done in all of the exercises so far.


"As a teacher, I experimented with mindfulness as a means to reduce stress and anxiety with students. There are several emerging and impactful approaches that center on breathing and core posturing to enhance more mindful learning and living.
This is an insightful extension of these principles into the equestrian world of “feel” that can not only help us be better riders, but better people."

4 Exercises that Help You 'Speak the Language' of Your Horse... Develop a Relaxed, Responsive, and Confident Horse


This exercise helps you execute a progression of clear communications for your horse. The word ‘communications’ expands the idea of cueing to include thought.

Module 3, Exercise 10: ENGAGE/LISTEN/RESPOND

This exercise helps you understand the purpose, energy, and application of communications. You request an action from your horse. You 'hear' his response, and then you follow up with a release or new communication. This sequence builds trust, willingness, and true responsiveness in a horse.

Module 3, Exercise 11: GUIDE/SHAPE/ACCELERATE

This exercise provides key guidelines for using your feet and legs to communicate with your horse. The exercise also gives you a simple strategy to eliminate leg/feet confusion for yourself and your horse.

Module 3, Exercise 12: SUPPORT SMOOTHLY

This exercise provides key guidelines for using your arms and hands to communicate with your horse effectively.

EACH Exercise Includes 

A Pre-Exercise Reflection

... to get you thinking prior to watching the video/demo

The Video Exercise

... short 5-10 minute videos for clarity and simplicity
... explanations and demonstrations
... a new exercise is posted every 4th day on the Well Connected website

A 'Cheat Sheet'

... a short reminder list of the exercise steps in each exercise via a PDF download you can print out and take with you

Lifetime Access to the Well Connected Website

... that houses all of the elements of all of the lessons



After all 12 exercises have been released, we’ll have a live coaching call. Barbra will answer your questions. You may submit them in advance, too.


As part of the Well-Connected Program, you will be forever invited to a live interview every month-6 weeks. You can ask questions of our guests. You may also join our private, fun, and positive FB group (if you like), where members support each other. This is an ongoing way for all of us to keep learning, meet celebrities in the horse world, have fun, and appreciate our awesome BS community.


If you've ever had challenges either not being able to bring your horse's energy up (your pony is too laid back!) - or - bring your horse's energy down (too high-strung) this video will give you tips to create energy waves for both scenarios.


This video will help you develop an increased ability to sequence the order of your cues, time their use, time your transitions, sharpen them and make them smoother.

Barbra Schulte is driven by a singular desire to help others grow their confidence and potential.

She is a High-Performance Coach, horse trainer, the author of four books, publisher of video blogs and online programs, a clinician, speaker, and an honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

As a national cutting horse competitor, Barbra was the first woman to win two legs of cutting's triple crown.

She was awarded the National Female Equestrian of the Year Award by the AQHA and the Women's Sports Foundation. In 2020 she received the American Horse Publications Equine Industry Vision Award for her positive impact across the horse industry. In 2021 she received the Western Horseman Women of the West Award.

Schulte is the CEO of the Center for Equestrian Performance. She lives in Brenham, Texas with her husband, Tom.

"I just want to say thank you.  This resonates such truth for me." ~DR

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