Deepen Your Seat
Manage Your Energy
Communicate Clearly



Increase Your 'Feel' in the Saddle.

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Build Trust with Your Horse in These Four Areas

'Being Grounded'
a Priority

Learn to let go of anxiety and fear - and replace it with being (and staying) calm and totally engaged in the moment.

Get Deeply Seated in the Saddle

Discover how to become more anchored and balanced in your seat. Feel the rhythm and the movement of your horse.

Move Your Energy and Your Horse's Energy

Learn how to manage your energy and - at the same time - develop calmness in your horse... and why this has such a powerful impact on both you and your horse.

Be Slow & Smooth with Your Hands and Feet

Discover how to slow your hands and feet. Be accurate with the amount of pressure you use when cueing. Communicate more clearly and effectively!

Meet Barbra Schulte

Barbra Schulte is driven by a singular desire to help others grow their confidence and potential.

She is a High-Performance Coach, horse trainer, the author of four books, publisher of video blogs and online programs, clinician, speaker, and an honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

As a national cutting horse competitor, Barbra was the first woman to win two legs of cutting's triple crown.

She was awarded the National Female Equestrian of the Year Award by the AQHA and the Women's Sports Foundation. In 2020 she received the American Horse Publications Equine Industry Vision Award for her positive impact across the horse industry. In 2021 she received The Western Horseman & The Art of the Cowgirl's Women of the West Award.

Schulte is the CEO of the Center for Equestrian Performance. She lives in Brenham, Texas with her husband, Tom.

The Well Connected Lesson Series

Be a Clear and Supportive Partner for Your Horse.

Lesson 1
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4 Elements That Help You Connect With Your Horse

Discover why and how your internal state, your seat, the practice of ‘making waves,’ and clear communication set both you and your horse up for a great partnership.

Lesson 2
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Sequences in the Saddle

Experience how your eyes, your breath, feeling your horse’s motion, moving energy up and down, and keeping your cues sequential set both you and your horse up for clear & smooth communication.

Lesson 3

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A Four-Part Exercise

Discover how to sequentially develop the skills, behaviors, and routines of the four elements - and why this practice makes a difference.

Lesson 4

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Staying Grounded and Moving Forward

You are the one who makes these practices come to life for you and your horse. Develop more feel and connection with your horse - for a lifetime.

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