New 4-Part Online Lesson and Coaching Series

Prepare Yourself and Your Horse Like a Pro and Be Ready to be Your Best When You Enter the Show Arena Again

--- 'Wow, you're nailing it Barb. It's a really good venue for all of us.' ~ Donna F ---

If you show horses, being home now was probably NOT in your plan!

·     But being home has hidden treasures.

One is getting more prepared than ever to enter the show arena and be so ready.

What if the next time you show, because of newly discovered skills and routines for you and your horse, you both walk into the arena, grounded... connected... and one with your job?

What if you take brave, new steps forward now to develop mindsets and practices that ensure competitive excellence for a lifetime?

And what if you discovered that those practices are things only you can do? They're not up to your trainer or anyone else.

My new online lesson and coaching series is designed to help you go to the next show, let go of nerves, not worry about the judge, other competitors or even the areas in your riding that aren't solid yet.

Instead, you're steady. You know you and your horse will perform at your highest level. You KNOW there is nothing more you could have done. You ride into the arena with confidence. You perform with excellence. You lay down a great ride!

Nothing feels better than that.

Read on. Check out what you can learn and practice now... and take advantage of these online lessons and the gift of this particular time in our lives.

'Hi, Barb - loving the Preparing to be Awesome program. I find revisiting content... helpful and your way of integrating the skills into how we practice at home & take them to a show is so enlightening.' ~Carole-Ann M

A 4-Part Lesson Series now Available on the Preparing to be Awesome website.

'This might be the best course I've taken from you.' ~ Camille A

The normal price for 12 hours plus of online lessons, notes, meditations, mindsets, a daily pre-event exercise, a follow-up exercise after each lesson... and more: $197.00  

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'Great job Barb love the new format. Easy to read and hear.' ~ Robbin S

These lessons are experiential and timeless. They are designed for you to apply the skills & routines to you & your horse.  

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In addition to technical skill practice...

Getting ready to show includes 4 essential elements for consistent performance in the arena.

The Preparing to be Awesome lesson and coaching series shows you how to cultivate these 4 pieces into your show prep.

"Barb – you are THE BEST and I’m so appreciative of all the work and time you give when you do a program – and this program was fantastic!" ~ Judi C

Here's what you'll discover in this lesson & coaching series...

LESSON ONE:  Empowering Views of Competition & Yourself

Replace old ways of thinking about competition that limit your success, and most importantly, your joy!

See showing and it's many elements (you, your horse, the venue, nerves, other people, mistakes, etc.) in ways that set you up for success... and WHY it's so important to replace old competitive mindsets with freeing and empowering ones.

Learn details for how to create a vision of yourself as a beautiful rider and show person... and how to get that vision into your bones! Discover why this is such an important practice and why it lays the foundation for your experience of showing.

Great stuff-I really appreciate the reminders to observe the horse's respiratory rate. I do try to tune into her energy level-and de-escalate mine in response-watching my respiratory rate-but hadn't thought of listening to hers! I love the visualization of breathing out through the sit bones-practiced it while watching and it is amazing! ~ Claire B

'Barb, I think lesson #2 was one of the best classes I have taken from you. I really like it when you get to the nitty-gritty and tell me clearly exactly what to do. Thank you!' ~Ane

LESSON TWO: Prepare Yourself to be Unflappable

What is your 'internal' state at a show (how you think and how you feel) as compared to being at home?

While most of us turn into a different animal (-: at a show, (feeling inadequate, nervous, distracted, etc.), there is a way to become calm and laser-focused on your horse and on your job.

This internal state of focus and confidence (no matter what is going on around you) is inseparably linked to your body, too. Therefore it sets you up physically to ride at a show the way you ride at home. (No more clenching and overly tense muscles.)

The best news is, these are learnable skills. They work! But they must be practiced and conditioned over time in order for you to stay cool under pressure on show day.

'This session was... very clearly stated and easy to relate to personally. The  quietness that you reflected crystalized the points you made and were so easy to visualize!' ~ Sassy S

LESSON THREE: Connect With and Prepare Your Horse With Purpose  

Discover how a horse can be well prepared to enter the show arena to be his or her best... and HOW to do that. In this lesson, Barb helps you design how to achieve these ideal states for your horse, including specific riding exercises that help you get focused at the same time.

A horse performs best when:

  • Calm & engaged (similar to the rider)
  • His/her energy state is just right for that particular discipline
  • His/her respiration rate is at just the right level for the intended discipline right before entering the arena
  • He/she is responsive to rider cues before entering the arena

LESSON FOUR: A Show Day Plan to Align You and Your Horse in Mind, Body, and Spirit

There are critical practices and routines that ensure that the work you've done at home carries over to show day.

Discover routines that set the rider up for success, from days before the event, to the night before, to on show day.

Cultivate practices that set a horse up for success, from days before the event, to the day before, to on show day.

Create a powerful pre-ride ritual for both you and your horse that's critical to your performance in the arena.

Complete a post-ride review practice, that gives you a personally designed roadmap for future success.

"I have really enjoyed your lessons... very helpful. I get really tense before showing. This will help me so much. It’s nice I can go back and listen to your lessons to remind me what you talked about. Lesson 3 was very beneficial for me! Thank you so much!!I ~ Cindy T

EACH Online Lesson Includes 

A pre-event short exercise

to get you thinking (-: prior to the online lesson

A PDF download for taking notes

that you may print before the webinar

The live and online lesson

during which you may chat with others if you like (or not) and ask questions to receive personal coaching

A post-event video replay

posted on that Lesson's individual page on the Preparing to be Awesome private website

A post-event follow-up exercise, or...

meditation, or download (depending on the lesson) to help you integrate each lesson into your riding going forward

Access to the Preparing to be Awesome Podcasts

and they may be downloaded at any time from the website

NEW BONUS! An additional fifth coaching follow-up session...

date and time TBD to answer your questions after you've had time to process the lessons

Lifetime access to the Preparing to be Awesome website

that houses all of the elements of all of the lessons

Her journey began on her parents' ranch in Southern Illinois with 400 horses. Throughout her life and horse adventures, Barbra has always been driven by a singular passion ~ to help riders grow their confidence. She is a Personal Performance Coach, a Cutting Horse Trainer, Publisher of online programs, Clinician, Author, and Speaker. She is an honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and in the National Cutting Horse Association Members' Hall of Fame. She was awarded the National Female Equestrian of the Year Award by the AQHA and the Women's Sports Foundation. Barbra lives with her husband, Tom, several horses, two dogs, and a cat in Brenham, Texas. 

"Loving the Preparing to be an Awesome program. An “ah-ha” moment for me was when you described how errors are really a positive thing because it tells us what we CAN focus on to make specific improvements." ~Laurel L

Regular price: $197.00 

Your Price: $97

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