Enter the Herd Confidently. Make Good Decisions IN the Herd. Drive Out With Authority.        

"Beautiful Cuts," 2-DVD Set Video Course that takes you Step-by-Step, through 3-Modules of training so you can make gorgeous cuts!

By: Barbra Schulte

This Video Course explains how to make Beautiful Cuts, from start to finish and  how you can do it, too.

How this 2-DVD Video Course is organized:

  • Module One contains 5 steps of video trainings that span the time from when you begin your walk to the herd until right before you enter the herd. 

    It’s such an empowering feeling to be calm, focused and clear about your exact next moves … and know what those moves are … BEFORE you enter the herd for every cow you cut.

    The information in Module One does that.

  • Module Two contains 6 steps of video training to help you set up your drive to the middle of the arena from within the herd.

    Module Two spans the time from when you enter the body of the herd through the time you initiate a push within the herd to the middle of the arena … either with an individual cow, or with a group of cattle … and then Module 2 ends just beyond the body of the herd.

    It's important to be clear about what’s going on around you moment-to-moment in the middle of the herd ... and know when to move and where to go to cut cleanly and in the middle of the pen.

    It’s a great feeling when you can do just that. 

  • Module Three contains 6 steps of video training to help you drive up and beyond the herd to the middle of the arena and make good decisions in the final moments to complete your cut.

    The final moments of your cut is a time when you must make quick decisions on-your-feet.

    There is a lot going on. You're making a final decision about which cow to cut. You need to keep yourself mentally grounded. You have to be ready to move your horse quickly across the arena if you cut a fast cow. You need to set up your horse in the right position on the cow to begin working it accurately. When all of these things do come together and you make a credit-earning cut up and in the middle of the arena ... you develop more and more confidence.

  • Each Step of training is organized in a systematic way. I explain what the concept is … why it’s important … and show an example or two of how to do it.

    In many of the segments I take it a step further and I explain common errors to look out for and how to fix them, too.

    Hopefully after you watch each segment, you’re going to think, “I can do that!”

  • The Segments Have a Home Exercise, Video Watching Questions and a Final Thought.

    The Home Exercises give you ways to practice on your own when you can’t ride as much as you would like to ride.

    The Video Watching Questions are designed to help you have a keener eye for what you are doing well and what you are not doing well when you watch your own videos.

    The Final Thought at the end of each segment is a summary statement that helps you stay clear about the most important “take away” from that video so you can integrate that little piece into your own herdwork.

  • Sequencing of Ideas

    To make it even easier for you to utilize these ideas, each step’s concept builds one upon the next … upon the next.

    The idea is to be systematic about your walk to the herd … and then through the herd … and then finally when you make your cut .

    Sequencing the steps in this way helps you make the whole herdwork process more manageable every step along the way.


  • These videos are such wonderful reminders of what a good cutter must do, no matter what level. They condense what it took me five years to learn working with a really good trainer/coach, and they will now serve as a reminder before I leave for each show. Thank you!" ~ Laura J.

  • Your video is absolutely wonderful.  I am new to cutting and found "Beautiful Cuts" to be extremely informative, educational, and easy to comprehend.  I was able to view the DVD's on Tuesday and apply many of your concepts in my first NCHA show last weekend.  It was the first time I have had a plan when I entered the herd.  The video was so easy to understand that I was also able to view and discuss it with my nine year old girls who had only previously entered the herd once and certainly struggled to cut a cow.  I am happy to report that my girls entered their first show last weekend and each successfully cut their three cows both days.  My horse and I were fortunate enough to win two classes and finish second in another.  I feel the success was a direct result of the newly found confidence and calmness I felt while in the herd.

    What I like most about this video is that I know I wil be able to refer and continue to teach and learn from this video for years to come.  Thank you and nice job." ~ Jason M.

  • “I am totally impressed with the Herdwork training system that you have developed.
    The level of detail you have gone into is amazing.

    I especially look forward to using the pausing technique and small moves in the herd ... I have a tendency to rush into the herd and this will be very helpful in slowing me down and entering the herd calmly.
    Great job, Barb!!!”  ~ Dennis F.

  • Your concept of breaking the process of cutting and controlling the cow into small manageable segments is just brilliant. And your terminology brings such clarity to the whole picture we are trying to achieve. It’s almost as though I didn’t actually see what was happening before.” ~ Gay S.

  • Incredible series! I only wish I had had the opportunity to learn these skills when I first started cutting! Your teaching is SO helpfull. You put together, concisely, what everyone has been trying to tell me for 2 years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” ~ D. C.

Barbra Schulte

Note From Barbra

Dear Fellow Cutter,

Several months ago, I released an online herdwork video training course, "Beautiful Cuts".  As with all of my online courses, registration for "Beautiful Cuts" was open for only a short time and then it was closed.

From the moment those cutters, just like you began studying the videos, I received wonderful feedback. Participants reported applying the concepts to their herdwork successfully, immediately ... and they were elated at their real and quick results.

During and after the online course, I had a big request to make the"Beautiful Cuts" program into a DVD set. Now, it's finally here!!!

The training is comprised of 17 steps that span 3 Modules over 2 DVDs, each 55 minutes or more in length ... 1 hour, 50 minutes + total.

"Beautiful Cuts" is designed as a sequential course. The segments are incremental steps ... the very specific pieces of a puzzle you need to be successful at making great cuts. After you go through the course, you'll be making better cuts than ever before, adding herdwork credit to your score, and feeling so good about walking into a herd of cattle.

Cost ... $47.95

My promises are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here's to you making Beautiful Cuts!
Barbra Schulte