Learn About Cattle and
How to Work Them


The 2-Part Training Series


Understand how cattle think, how to read them, how to position your horse to stop, turn, or slow them down.
Make accurate decisions to control them instead of accidentally causing unwanted behavior.

  • Discover how to speak 'cow lingo' to describe a cow.
  • Learn the first clue to look for to 'read' a cow.
  • Take a cow personality quiz and 'test' your skills!
  • Respond to a cow instead of reacting.
  • Why do some cows 'sour' quickly & others don't?
  • How to know if a cow worked previously will be 'good' to work again?

"For those of us that are not around cows all the time learning how to identify one from another is so helpful. It’s amazing the detail you pointed out that I would never have seen. I’ve always felt embarrassed when a trainer would be telling me which cow to go after and I had no idea what they were talking about." ~Judy

"The Cow webinar was awesome!  So much good information. I needed it and will be going back over everything until I understand." ~Cindy

"You took the Cow Characteristics to a new level for me! Watching them settle the heard will have a much more detailed purpose as well."


Learn tips to ride your horse with more ease and balance.
Use your eyes, seat, legs, and hands smoothly and accurately.
Stay connected to the cow and help your horse do the same!

"As always there is a wealth of information in your videos. I love the way you breakdown in detail each step of the process, focus on your self, your horse, the cow, seat... so much great information." ~Judy

  • Discover the step-by-step pieces of a 'cow turn.'
  • How and when do you use your eyes, seat, breath, legs, and hands to support your horse?
  • Get tips to stay connected to both your horse and the cow in different situations.
  • Test your knowledge for what to do when things get 'out of whack'!
  • Learn exercises you can do at home to develop your eyes, seat, and balance for cow work.
  • Understand how to get yourself ready and how to get your horse ready to work a cow.

"In Cow Connections, your tips and dissection of our body parts in relation to our horse was clearly explained.  I thought the video's were very helpful as well. I love your Best Practice:  "Read the Cow",  "Sit - Sit Down - Sit Again",  "Don't let your hands beat your seat", and your Quick Reminders List will be great to have as a pre-ride review." ~Kathleen

"I came to your courses with cowboy dressage in mind but have discovered how much fun working with cows is! It's great!! The Cow Connection webinar came just at the right moment and gave me a good basis to start learning this whole new way of riding." ~ Anne

Each Training Includes the Following Downloads
These resources were created following the live webcast.

You'll receive a link to a copy of the program slides in a convenient note-taking format in advance of the live sessions. You may download it, print it, and be all set to take notes during as you watch or listen to the replays.

Each webcast will include 2 digital video replays on a Cow Class II website (which you'll have access to indefinitely). One of the video replays will be the initial program, the second replay video will be the Q&A portion.

Each training will include a digital audio download accessible on a Cow Class II website (which you'll have access to indefinitely).

Choose Your Program(s)

Each includes 2 video replays (one of the program and another of the Q&A), and a program audio download, plus a note-taking PDF.
All will be housed and accessible on a permanent Cow Class II website indefinitely.

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Barbra Schulte

Barbra Schulte is driven by a singular desire to help others grow their confidence and potential. 

She is a High-Performance Coach, cutting horse trainer, the author of four books, publisher of video blogs and online programs, clinician, speaker, and an honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. 

 As a National Cutting Horse competitor, Barbra was the first woman to win two of cutting's triple crown titles. 

She was awarded the National Female Equestrian of the Year Award by the AQHA and the Women's Sports Foundation. In 2020 she received the American Horse Publications' Equine Industry Vision Award for her positive impact across the horse industry. In 2021 she will receive the Western Horseman Magazine's Women of the West Award. 

Schulte is the CEO of the Center for Equestrian Performance. She lives in Brenham, Texas, with her husband, Tom.