An Online Showing & Coaching Workshop

Walk into the Show Pen, Calm and Focused
Show the Best of You and Your Horse

"This path is so enlightening, a total game changer." ~ Suz

Now is the time to get ready to show.

You'll be more prepared than ever.

You'll stay grounded and slow on the inside as you show... even through big and small mistakes.

You can take brave, new steps forward now to develop mindsets and practices that ensure competitive excellence for a lifetime.

And these practices are things only you can do.

This new Virtual Showing and Coaching Workshop is designed to help you go to the next show, let go of your nerves, not worry about the judge, or other competitors, or even the areas in your riding that aren't solid yet.

Instead, you're steady.

You know there is nothing more you could have done.

You ride into the arena with confidence. You perform with excellence.

Nothing feels better than that.

Check out what you can learn, how you can practice, and what you can do to SHINE in the show pen.

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Virtual Showing and Coaching Workshop

The 4 Steps of Showing Excellence

1. Quiet confidence and strength on the inside
2. Thorough preparation practices
3. A personal best ride in the show pen
4. Ride reviews targeting next steps

"Your passion makes it so fun to listen and learn. Thank you." ~ Christine

True North has two parts.
The first is belonging and staying true to yourself. It's a laser focus on what you truly love about showing and what matters to you, as well as a belief in yourself.
The second part is a state of calmness, focus, and confidence that you can call up in any situation. This state is also reflected in your body. It has a profound positive impact on your ability to ride well under pressure.
The combination of these two internal strengths guides and sustains you through the rigors of competition.

Strategic preparation is the secret sauce of confidence to be at your best in the arena. You and your horse each get ready technically, physically, and mentally. You acknowledge and strengthen your strong suits and keep honing new skills. You practice and polish your skills during the months, weeks, and days before a show. Being prepared sets both you and your horse up to be confident when you leave home for the show.

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation, Barbra. So much great information. ... after listening to you it gives me tools to work toward getting into the show pen. You are awesome." ~ Renee

You have a plan to follow on show day that ensures you and your horse are ready to walk into the arena knowing you will perform at your highest level. It feels like laser focus with calmness on the inside. Your pre-ride ritual brings up feelings of true confidence. In the arena, it is you, your horse, and the job at hand. Nothing exists but this. You are connected with him and in the moment. Even through errors, you maintain a state of calmness and focus as if nothing happened.

When the dust settles and your heart rate goes down, you review your ride. You own your successes and clearly see your next steps to improve. You also take inventory of your horse’s performance, how you managed your energy, how you navigated relationships with other people, and your resiliency. These answers and more will give you a targeted prep and polish plan moving forward.

Four Steps to Consistent Showing Success

While the Steps will be taught during 4 live webinars on Mon., Mar 1st - Wed., Mar 3rd - Tue., Mar 9th, and Thurs., Mar 11th the exercises, worksheets, tip sheets, and reminders will be yours to keep and practice for a lifetime.

The follow-up resources for each step in the SHINE program are designed to use repeatedly so that new skills will grow & shine through in the show pen!

Each Step Includes 8 Ways to Get the Steps & Skills
SHINE into Your Bones!

1. Question Submission Box on the SHINE website for each webinar
so you may enter a question ahead of time in case you can't be there live.

2. Pre-event short exercise

to get you thinking (-: emailed prior to the online lesson.

3. PDF download for taking notes

that you may print before the webinar.

4. Live and online lesson webinar

during which you may chat with others if you like (or not) and ask questions to receive personal coaching.
If you cannot be there live... no problem! There will be replays in audio and video formats within 24-48 hours post-live-event.

5. Post-event video and audio replays

posted on that Step's individual page on the SHINE private website that never goes away!

6. Post-event follow-up resource(s)

A download of an exercise, worksheet, or reminder notes to help you integrate each lesson into your showing going forward.

7. Access to the SHINE in the Show Pen Podcast Series

and they may be downloaded at any time from the website.

8. Lifetime access to the SHINE in the Show Pen website

that houses all of the elements of all of the lessons.

There is no expiration date on your access to the lessons and resources housed on the SHINE website.

Barb's journey began on her parents' ranch with 400 horses. A singular passion is a drive to help all riders grow their confidence. She is a Personal Performance Coach, a Cutting Horse Trainer, Publisher of online programs, Clinician, Author, and Speaker. She is an honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and the National Cutting Horse Association Members' Hall of Fame. She was awarded the National Female Equestrian of the Year Award by the AQHA and the Women's Sports Foundation. In 2020, she received the American Horse Publications' Equine Industry Vision Award for her positive impact on the entire equine industry. Barbra was awarded the Western Horseman magazine's Women of the West Award in 2021. She lives with her husband, Tom, in Brenham, Texas. 


We will have an extra coaching session (time to be determined) during which I will show you video examples of high-performance skills you can see on the outside during great rides.
I will survey all participants in the Workshop and walk through as many examples of different disciplines as we have represented.
You will love seeing these visual examples of all we're speaking of in SHINE.


For the next few days only, when you register, you will have the opportunity to invite a friend at no extra charge to them or you. They will also receive all of the extra program bonuses.

Eleven Tips to Cultivate Visualization

Visualization is a power-packed thinking tool. Our minds and body do not know the difference between something vividly imagined and a live event.

How to Find True Success in Riding Audio Program
Let Dr. Jim Loehr give you concrete tools to perform better … achieve more … change your life … and positively impact the lives of people around you.
Lasting Success is Not Just About What You Achieve Externally …
But Who You Become as a Result of Your Hard Work
This private group is for those who take online courses with me. It is totally optional, but I bet you (and your guest) will love it!

I Believe In Myself Audio Meditation

These words will help keep you centered in the truth, and the fun and the brilliance of your special journey on your horse. This is perfect for competition or any kind of riding.

Circle of Trust Membership
Where Friends Meet, Learn & Support Each Other
This private group is for those who take online courses with me. It is totally optional, but I bet you (and your guest) will love it!
You’ll be invited to monthly live interviews with other horse professionals on topics spanning all disciplines, like connection, horse care, or performer skills. These are ongoing opportunities to learn and have fun, all at no additional cost to you.
We also have a thriving community where you can connect with other members, too... ongoing. We support each other, have fun and learn.

Think Like a World-Class Competitor When You Show
You may download these 20 individual smart – clear – focused thinking reminders.
Cut them up; laminate them; post them in your trailer, etc.

Live Workshop Schedule

You do not have to be present at the live events to access the lessons, replays, and downloads. You will have the full benefit of the live event materials on the SHINE website. You may also ask a coaching question ahead of time.

Set True North: Monday, March 1st, 4:00 PM Central
Practice and Polish: Wednesday, March 3rd, 4:00 PM Central
SHINE in the Show Pen: Tuesday, March 9th, 4:00 PM Central
5-Star Review: Thursday, March 11th, 4:00 PM Central

The opportunity to Invite a Friend as your guest will no longer be available after midnight Wednesday. Also, the Low Introductory Price will increase to the Regular Price of $197.


Instructions for how you may gift this to a friend
will be in an email sent to you after you register.

The normal price for 6 hours-plus of online lessons, notes, meditations, mindsets, a daily pre-event exercise, a follow-up exercise after each lesson... and more: $197.00  

Your price: Single payment $147

Your price: Two payments of $75

We want you to love these lessons!
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